Client Testimonials


"After 30 days,  I can definitely feel that it has boosted up my immunity and I feel so much more pumped and energetic at the gym! 💪🏼💪🏼

I have been having better sleeps and waking up feeling super energised! 😃

I thought was just me, but even my makeup artist has been telling me that they feel that I have better skin now! 🙊🙊 And that I definitely look younger than my actual age!" - SARIKA C




"From my own experience of taking NMN for the past month, I can report better sleep, and consistent levels of energy and deep focus despite moving house in this same timeframe.
 But it’s a YES from me and I will continue taking it!" - MOUSHUMI K




" I felt a profound burst of energy. I do feel more energetic - not speedy like caffeine, but more like having just a little bit of the energy to do more stuff. I also have less urge to get my second coffee in the day, which I usually NEED.
I definitely felt more focused (esp week 1 & 2) and despite having to manage multiple deadlines, I got my sh*t done unusually faster.
 No kidding…I also recovered from drinking faster. The hangover that I’d expect to kick in after 12 vodka sodas never arrived, and I was able to wake up and hike the next day. That NEVER happens.😱

So happy I decided to give it a try, and definitely think it's worth the price as it highlights many positives such as improvements in quality of life (energy, strength, mood, sex), I'd highly recommend it! - CHARLZ N




"I do a lot of things to positively impact my health, so it’s not easy to pin-point any one single factor, however, here’s what I have noticed:

• Better, less broken sleep
• Improved athletic performance and endurance
• Lots of good energy & focus to throw at my demanding life
• Clear, healthy-looking skin

You know I am not here to say “take a pill” to achieve beauty and performance, we have to invest in our wellness with our actions.

That said, as wellness innovation advances, I’m totally here for anything that can help bridge the gap between where I am now and my genetic potential.

I am impressed with @superninenmn and will continue taking it." - SARAH K